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Pedro Queiroga | Just a little about me

Photography Algarve | My taste for photography began around the age of 14 in Macau, when I remembered that my father had a camera. I was essentially looking for shapes and patterns that caught my eye. I did not bother to tell a story or portray events. At that time I participated in some local photography contests, where I got 2 distinctions that I keep in the chest.

Nowadays as a professional photographer, I naturally have other knowledge and vision. My camera is basically polychromatic, looking for simplicity, clarity and entropy. I appreciate the dark and the black, but I’m not the biggest fan of the monochrome image. However, I do not discard it from my work, when it’s timely. Currently my main camera is a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with 30.4MP.
Among other lenses, I use for Interior Photography Algarve, a Canon TS-E 17mm tilt-shift wide angle lens, very specific for interiors and architectural photography.

I am Portuguese, graduated, I love what I do and I exercise this profession with ethics and commitment. I don’t ask my competition for fictitious budgets, as I know the value and quality of my work.

The factuality of an image varies in equal measure, with the photographer’s vision and each one’s subjectivation.Pedro Queiroga
Pedro Queiroga Photographer
Pedro Queiroga Photographer

Pedro Queiroga | Interior Photographer

Architectural and Interior Photographer   camera_alt

Photography Algarve | Architecture photography is a little different from Real Estate Photography. It is a generally more time-consuming job, where the photographer seeks a more creative touch, in a record not always fully explicit, where the frames may be more closed and some details emphasized. More photos are delivered compared to the Real Estate Photography service and the post-production time is bigger.

Amongst other lenses, this work is mainly done with a Canon TS-E 17mm wide-angle “tilt-shif” lens, very specific for architectural and interior photography. So far this is the best lens on the market, for this type of photography. I also use a micrometric geared head Arca Swiss D4 for fine adjustments – If you will hire, choose the best!Tilt-shift lens and Micrometric head

Real Estate Photography and Video   camera_alt   video_library

Real Estate Photography is a less time consuming job than the one of Architecture Photography, because the photographer’s main concern is not the details, but a comprehensive and well-lit portrait of the dwelling. Depending on whether it is a small apartment or a villa, 10 to 20 photographs are usually delivered (depending on the characteristics of the property).

In Real Estate Video, as in the photographic record, the photographer’s main concern is not the details, but a portrait of the most comprehensive and well-lit housing. Since video production obviously does not allow for long exposures as in photography, studio lighting panels are used. Depending on the dimensions of the property, a video with a duration of approximately 2 minutes is usually delivered.

Amongst other lenses, this work is mainly done with a Canon TS-E 17mm wide-angle “tilt-shif” lens, very specific for architectural and interior photography. So far this is the best lens on the market, for this type of photography. I also use a micrometric geared head Arca Swiss D4 for fine adjustments.Lente Tilt-shift e Cabeça Micrométrica

Event Photographer Algarve   camera_alt

Events Photography Algarve | In addition to weddings, I also cover private parties, birthdays, baptisms, concerts, inaugurations, book launches, Cocktails, Sunsets, etc… In the case of weddings, I work as a team with a very experienced colleague of my confidence. Dozens or hundreds of photos are delivered, depending on the event, its program and/or its duration.

At the event site, a creative attitude will be adopted, parallel to the realization of the typical conventional coverage that will always be guaranteed. The post-production work is done with sobriety, consistency and common sense.

Event coverage will be made with the following lenses: Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 and a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8mm USM IIEquipment Event

Corporate Photography Algarve   camera_alt   laptop_mac

Institutional and Corporate Photography Algarve | Show anyone your office or business premises, your work team, the best technological equipment of your company, or even the car fleet. Show what is behind a successful company, its founders and all those who are the engine of this success. I move to your business premises in full operation. Bet on improving your brand-image.

A photo session will be held with the camera connected to a portable computer. This way, in addition to helping the photographer work, it also allows the client to see the work (live). All equipment will be provided by the photographer, namely the portable computer, the support desk and the studio flash for individual portraits (if applicable).Fotografia Corporativa

Construction Photography Algarve (and Video)   camera_alt   video_library   toys

Construction Photography | I am a photographer but I also have a 4K drone for video and aerial photography. I have large experience in the photographic and videographic follow-up of constructions and works in progress (both aerial and on the ground). If you are a builder and need to control the evolution of the work from a more comprehensive perspective, such as the aerial view, contact me.

Watch this full-length YouTube video on Full HD quality. Choose “1080p60 HD” from the video options.

It is also possible to use the photographs that are being obtained, and subsequently publish a monthly, quarterly, or annual photographic book related to the construction. Photographs of this book(s) will be arranged chronologically, may contain dates, contain captions, or even descriptive text.

3D Aerial Photography   camera_alt   3d_rotation   toys

After clicking on the image wait a few seconds until the model appears with the highest quality
(you can also click and drag with the right mouse button)

3D Aerial Survey | This work is characterized by a drone aerial survey, whose purpose is to create a 3D vectorial model of a certain terrain or construction.

Once the 3D rendering is completed, the work will be delivered in any of these formats according to your needs (depending on the program you will use to open it):

  • Wavefront: OBJ
  • Autodesk: FBX
  • Autodesk Polyline: DXF
  • Autodesk 3DFace: DXF
  • 3DS models: 3DS
  • VRML models: WRL
  • Collada: DAE
  • Stanford: PLY
  • STL models: STL
  • U3D models: U3D

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