Pedro Queiroga | Photographer

A Little About Me

Architectural Photographer in Algarve | Photography Algarve | My taste for photography began around the age of 14 in Macau, when I remembered that my father had a camera. I was essentially looking for shapes and patterns that caught my eye. I did not bother to tell a story or portray events. At that time I participated in some local photography contests, where I got 2 distinctions that I keep in the chest.

Nowadays as a professional photographer, I naturally have other knowledge and vision. My camera is basically polychromatic, looking for simplicity, clarity and entropy. I appreciate the dark and the black, but I’m not the biggest fan of the monochrome image. However, I do not discard it from my work, when it’s appropriate. Currently my main camera is a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with 30.4MP. Among other lenses I use for interior photography Algarve, 2 “tilt-shift” Canon TS-E wide angle lenses, wich are very specific for interiors and architectural photography.

The factuality of an image varies in equal measure, with the photographer’s vision and each one’s subjectivation.

Pedro Queiroga