Architectural Photography Algarve: Interior Photographer

Architectural Photography Algarve | This work is a bit different from Real Estate Photography. Generally it’s a more time-consuming work, where the photographer seeks a more creative touch, in a record not always fully explicit, where the angle/perspective may be more closed and some details emphasized. More photos are delivered compared to the Real Estate Photography service and the post-production time is bigger.

Real Estate Photography and Video

Real Estate Photography and Video | This is a less time consuming work than the Architectural Photography, because the photographer’s main concern is not the details, but a comprehensive and well-lit portrait of the house. Depending on whether it’s a small apartment or a villa, 10 to 20 photographs are usually delivered (depending on the characteristics of the house).

Real Estate Vídeo Algarve

Event Photographer Algarve

Event Photographer Algarve | I cover private parties, birthdays, baptisms, concerts, inaugurations, book launches, cocktails, sunsets, etc… In case of weddings, I work on a team with very experienced colleagues of my confidence. Dozens or hundreds of photos are delivered, depending on the event, the program and its duration.

Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography Algarve

Corporate Photography Algarve | Show anyone your office or business premises, your work team, the best equipment of your company, or even the car fleet. Show what’s behind a successful company – The people. Depending on the company, you might not have to stop working, as I move to your business premises while in full operation.

Construction Photography Algarve (and Video)

Construction Photography Algarve | I also have a 4K drone for video and aerial imaging. I have a large experience in the photographic and videographic follow-up of constructions and works in progress (both aerial and on the ground). If you are a builder and need to control the evolution of the work from a more comprehensive perspective, such as the aerial view, contact me.

Virtual Tour 360 Photography

Virtual Photography 360 | This work can be done in 2 different ways, depending on your choice: – Performed with a professional camera, or with an automatic one whose image quality is lower. The first option will have a higher cost because the quality and detail of the image is higher, and also because the work takes much longer (not only in the photo shooting, but also in post-production).

Here you can see an example of work done with an automatic camera (lower quality). As you can see, it is no longer possible to zoom in to increase the detail of the image. You will find animated spots inside the image, which allow you to navigate through the house. A virtual tour similar to this one, can also be done with a professional camera.

(after pressing the play button, it’s possible to click and drag with the right mouse button also)

3D Aerial Photography

3D Aerial Photography | This work is characterized by a drone aerial survey, whose purpose is to create a 3D vectorial model of a certain terrain or construction. The work will be delivered in any of these formats of your choice, according to your needs (depending on the program you will use to open it):

  • Wavefront: OBJ
  • Autodesk: FBX
  • Autodesk Polyline: DXF
  • Autodesk 3DFace: DXF
  • 3DS models: 3DS
  • Collada: DAE
  • Stanford: PLY
  • STL models: STL
  • U3D models: U3D

Corporate Video Algarve

Corporate and Institucional Video | This work is made with a 4K video camera in a SteadyCam like the “DJI Ronin-S”. You may see here some of the equipment I use. In this case the video was made for Schreder Portugal to promote a team building event. It’s also possible to include interviews and subtitles in the video, as you may see in the extended version of this video (5:36 min).

Obviously my logo will be removed, and you can choose to place your own company’s logo or watermark (optional).