Architectural and Decoration Photographer


Regarding All My Works as an Architectural and Decoration Photographer

All my works as an Architectural and Decoration Photographer are done with a professional Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera, an ultra-wide angle Canon TS-E 17mm f/4 L tilt-shift lens (specific for architecture and interior photography), and a Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L Mark II USM top quality “L” series lens.

Contact me for a free quote. I live in Algarve but I move worldwide. I deliver all JPG photos already processed (edited) and in their original size of 30,4Mp. I can also provide it optimized for your website and with your company’s watermark (logo) at no additional cost.

Comparing Architectural and Decoration Photographer with Real Estate Photography

Usually an Architectural and Decoration Photographer work is more time consuming than a Real Estate Photography work, because it’s a more detailed job and requires a more creative approach. In addition, the editing work (post-production) is also much more time-consuming. When requesting this service, you are geting not only photographs of the interior / exterior spaces, but also of the decoration and the architecture details. An Architecture Photography job may also be used just to show a final project, or simply a manifestation of art… The photographer looks for a more artistic tone, a more specific angle, a more mystical environment. It is not necessary to show everything out loud. Part of a space can be eventually hidden. Each one interprets as he wishes. Each one makes use of the imagination to complete what is missing in a particular space, or who knows what’s hidden in the dark.

Other Services that May Complement my work as an Architectural and Decoration Photographer

In addition to the photography I do on land, I also have a drone for capturing aerial images. I perform UHD 4K Aerial Video and Aerial Photography. For this purpose I created a separate website dedicated exclusively to drone services. You may visit it at:
The drone I’m using at the moment is a DJI Phantom 4 with 12,4MP for photography and an advanced stabilization system, which allows me to make smooth videos without any shaking (NOTE: this drone no longer captures rounded images with “fisheye” effect like older devices).

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